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DIY Fairy Gardens

DIY Fairy Gardens

Fairy gardens are just so darn cute! Large or small, you and your kids can create a tiny world to spark their imagination. Plus, it gets kids outside and learning about plants! I’ve got two examples of fairy gardens we’ve made, including a fairy house from sticks, bark, and scraps, a sign, and a birdbath. I also include a list of the plants we used. » Read more...

10 Engaging Nature Crafts and Activities for Kids of All Ages Keep them busy outdoors this spring and summer!

Nature Crafts and Activities for Kids of All Ages for Spring and Summer

The weather is warmer, the kids are getting out of school. Keep them busy this spring and summer with these nature activities that will get them outside, learning about plants, and having fun all in one! » Read more...

Planting potatoes. Torching weeds. Spring cleanup. What fun! So much to do, but it's just great to be outdoors again!

Planting Potatoes. Torching Weeds. Spring Cleanup. What fun!

This weekend was all about outside spring cleaning. It’s really the first weekend we’ve had with decent warm weather! We started tackling some of the items on our spring cleanup to do list, like deweeding the drive with a garden torch and even started on the garden, planting potatoes. What fun! » Read more...