Coloring Page of SquigglesAbstract Coloring Page for Adults: Squiggles! Coloring Page of SquigglesHere’s another coloring page for adults (or kids). It’s an abstract design that’s just a page full of squiggly shapes. I found it easy and stress-free to color. I hope you do too!

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Today I thought I’d give you one of my doodles. I do this one all the time. Just little squiggly shapes all over the page. I used to do this one even back in high school on my notebooks, so I’ve had lots of practice. I could probably draw it blindfolded.

I colored in a sample, but it isn’t my favorite. I like the rainbow background (… or is it foreground? hmmm…), but I think maybe I should either have left all the shapes white, or made them all black. I was worried the black wouldn’t show up on the darker blue and purple areas. So I then tried a silver pen, but the pen I’d found wasn’t working well, so then I tried bronze. But now I had two colors going and i found a better silver and a decent gold so I went with all of those. I tried outlining a couple with a fine opaque white pen for contrast, but it was hard to control the flow and the width, so I went back over it with black. FYI, of all the metallic pens I had, I actually liked the Sharpies the best! I was surprised by that. They flowed well so I felt I had control and they had good coverage.


Abstract Coloring Page for Adults: Squiggles - colored sampleI’d like to try another version where I maybe do the rainbow or something like that again, and then make the shapes shadowed so it looks like cut-outs. When I have time (yeah) I’ll do a test run coloring it on the computer to see how it looks before starting it by hand.

Do any of you colorers (or colorists? or “color application specialists” or… what are we called?) out there ever do that, trying out a color scheme in your favorite drawing or paint program first? Let me know what you use.

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Note that the watermark doesn’t appear in the downloaded image.

Okay, here’s the PDF file for download: Download

Abstract Coloring Page for Grown Ups: Squiggles

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If you color this one, show me what you do!


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