Coloring Pages: Fall Leaves and Bonus Background Free PDF Download Easy, Medium, and Hard Fall Leaves Coloring Pages plus bonus autumn leaves background

Coloring Pages: Fall Leaves and bonus Background Printable PDF DownloadIt’s been a while since I’ve released any free coloring pages, so this week I have three, plus a bonus background image!

Last week I released my Home Maintenance and Deep Cleaning Checklist for Fall with a cute leafy background I created and thought I’d share that background and also turn it into a coloring page.

I actually made three versions of the leaves coloring pages, so there is something for everyone!

The easy coloring page is for the kids, and you can even use it for a matching game as well! There are pairs to match up. Some are easy to recognize because they are oriented the same way. Some are harder because they’ve been flipped or turned. And there are 2 leaves that do not match. So depending on your child’s skill level, you can determine what counts as a match.

Click on the image to download or print the PDF (without the watermark).


The medium-level leaves coloring page is just a colorable version of the background I had created. This one might be a good one to use to practice blending colors, like reds and oranges, or yellows and greens.


The hard coloring page has been filled with layers and layers of leaves (just like my yard right now). It’ll take a while to color this one!


If you are looking for an autumnal background to use for a web page, personal greeting card, or scrapbook page, here is what I used. I created it in Illustrator as a vector images, so I’ve saved it as JPEG in three different sizes. Click on the size you want and then save the image that opens.







As always, you are free to download for personal use only. No uploading the PDFs or another format for download from your website! If you display a colored or non-colored version on your website (or social media account), please include the entire image, including the copyright and path to the original file, and include credit to me and this web site URL in the picture description and the blog text. And no selling, colored or not! If you want any of my coloring pages for commercial use, please contact me.

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If you color any or all of them, I’d love to see your work!



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