Coloring Pages for Adults: Geometric CirclesColoring Pages for Adults: Geometric Circles. Two variations available: white or black background. These concentric circles may make you dizzy!

Coloring Pages for Adults: CirclesWe were running around in circles today, so I thought we’d give you some concentric circles to color. I love the 3-D effect! White background or black background available for download.

I’m running a little late, but I think I can get this thing out before midnight tonight so I can convince myself I’m not late again.

My original post today was going to be an awesome round up of all the things you can do with Puffy Paint (mostly utilitarian too!) but today was the village-wide yard sale, with 90+ homes participating. I got maybe 75% through my original post last night, but today was all yard sales. I got some great deals too, like a HUGE assortment of punches (I didn’t count, but maybe 3 dozen or more?) for a TOTAL of $5, a bunch of storage bins and drawers, a new “grown up” desk chair for Em, and a high-end telescope for cheap. The weather was drizzly, but it kept the crowds down.

So, my quick substitute post is a coloring page I’d been working on and was fast to finish up for tonight. When I started the drawing, I was going to do some kind of zentangle. Either flowers or maybe just patterns in circles. So I got out my circle template to lay some out on the page. Em was watching, and she said to keep it as circles and just add more circles inside, so I took her advice. I like the 3-D effect it has. I didn’t have time to color it by hand, so I did it on the computer. I made some circles go from light outside to a dark center, and others the opposite. It makes some look like they are a hole into the page and the others popping out of the page, doesn’t it?

As a bonus, I’ve created two versions for you. One has the plain white background, and the other has the background colored black. I liked both of them and couldn’t decide which to publish, so you’re getting both.

As always, you are free to download for personal use only. No uploading the PDF or another format for download from your website or social media account! If you display a colored or lo-res non-colored version on your website (or social media account), please include the entire image, including the copyright and path to the original file, and include credit to me and this web site URL in the picture description and the blog text. And no selling, colored or not! If you want any of my coloring pages for commercial use, please contact me.

Note that the watermark doesn’t appear in the downloaded image.

Here’s the white background PDF file for download: Download

Coloring Page for Grown Ups: geometric circles

Here’s the black background PDF file for download: Download

Coloring Page for Grownups: concentric circles with black background
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Tell me, did you get dizzy while coloring it? Is it too hard or too easy or not your thing? I’d love some feedback!


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