Coloring Pages: Abstract Spaghetti & Meatballs

Here’s another coloring page for you! It’s an abstract I titled Spaghetti & Meatballs. It was a fun experiment creating this entirely on the computer. Download the PDF and do a little stress-free coloring this evening. This one is pretty quick to complete!

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I’m not exactly sure which came first: the idea to make spaghetti for dinner last night or to draw it. After deciding dinner would include meatballs, I decided to add them to the picture too.

Technical diversion here… I’ve been playing around with Adobe Illustrator and trying to learn more of what it can do. This time I wanted to see if I could create a stroke that had a double line. It took a while, but I finally had the idea of layering two strokes—a wide black stroke and on top of it a narrower white stroke. This produces the appearance of a double line. The only problem I ran into was when a line crossed over itself. It created an intersection instead of a bridge (so it didn’t look like it overlapped). I found I could fix this by drawing my squiggly lines and then at each loop where it crossed back over itself I cut the line in two (using the Scissors tool) and then being two separate lines, I could make one segment be higher than the other to do the overlap.

I colored the picture by hand after dinner, but found some areas too tiny. I really wanted to be able to use the normal-tipped Sharpies for this and not have to drag out the ultra-fine tips. I also wanted it to be an easy, mindless coloring page. A few spots I stressed out about when coloring because I wasn’t sure where the line continued after going under a meatball. So I fixed it up a bit today. I didn’t have time to recolor it by hand tonight, so I did it on the computer using my ol’ PaintShop Pro version 7. Ya know, I’m really thinking of upgrading to the latest version PaintShop Pro X7 Ultimate since my version is 10 years old now (before being bought by Corel) and there are so many more cool features I could use! As I’ve said before, I really don’t like Photoshop, and this is sooooo much cheaper and has most if not all of the same features! (So, if you are in a buying mood, click on one of my Amazon affiliate links and buy something – anything, it doesn’t even have to be something I link to – so I can earn enough to buy the new version!  😉  ).

Anyway, coloring on the computer goes so fast, but it isn’t as much fun. Notice my choice of red for the background (that’s the sauce). In my hand-colored one, I was debating what color to make the meatballs. At first I left them white, but it just didn’t look finished. So I went with silver. Bad choice. It looked blotchy with those big circles to color. I tried all my silver pens too. So on the computer-colored version, I went with brown. Much better, don’t you think? Does it make you hungry?

Here’s the high-quality PDF file for download: Download

Coloring Page for Grown Ups: Abstract Spaghetti and Meatballs

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Tell me, were you able to follow the lines from beginning to end? Was this too hard or too easy or not your thing? I’d love some feedback!

Coloring For Adults: Abstract Spaghetti & MeatballsColoring Pages for Grown Ups: Abstract Spaghetti & Meatballs. This is a good one for adults or kids to color!



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