Valentine's Day Coloring Pages - Heart Wreath of RosesValentine's Day Coloring Pages Rose Wreath Heart with saying "LOVE" or "Love is all we need" free PDF downloads

Since it has been so long since I’ve given you a coloring page, I decided today to give you TWO in honor of Valentine’s Day! Who doesn’t want to get roses on Valentine’s Day? A coloring page with a wreath of two dozen roses will last a lot longer than real roses!

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I still have TONS of craft ideas and other post topics I want to cover, but it’s been hard getting my act together. The writing part is easy, and in fact, I have several posts written already. But the photography and doing all of the graphics is the hard part! Getting perfect lighting so I get that Martha Stewart look instead of a photo that looks like it was taken by my mother in the 70s with bad lighting, blurry subjects, and heads cut off takes a lot of effort, especially in the doldrums of winter with very little natural light to work with. Well, that’s my excuse.

So what have I been doing with my time you ask? In addition to some web/app consulting projects I’ve taken on, I’ve been busy trying to start up a hand-made jewelry business. I know that is a tough business with so much competition, but I have been loving learning all kinds of techniques and making all different styles. My challenge now is to narrow down my style and figure out my target customer, and start cranking it out! Stay tuned for more on this exciting venture…

As part of this endeavor, I have started setting up a workshop/craft room. I have finally gotten rid of the broken hot tub that was taking up our entire sunroom, and have set up shop in there. While I would love to have a Pinterest-worthy craft room, with perfectly neat cabinets floor to ceiling, and a large island for crafting and wrapping gifts, all in white and pretty pastels, my budget dictates otherwise. I’ve got worn, brown astro-turf, with a patch of orange shag carpeting where the hot tub sat, dark, wide, vertical lapped siding, a folding table, some ugly metal shelves, oh, and no heat. But it’s MY dedicate space! The other plus is a huge skylight giving it great natural light. We’ll see if I call it a plus, though, in July and August when the temperature starts flirting with triple digits.

As soon as yard sale season starts, I hope to find some better furniture. And maybe I’ll get ambitious and take down that dark exterior-grade siding and get up some wallboard and paint. Or, maybe I’ll just try painting the siding. I was really hoping to pull up that outdoor carpeting to expose a concrete floor, which I was considering staining, or maybe using that non-slip coating made for garages. But that carpeting is glued on pretty good and after hours of scraping, I only had a tiny patch only partially cleaned to show for it. Might need to rent a sander. And even then it might not be clean enough to leave bare. But it might get smooth enough to put laminate or something over it. I’ll keep you posted. I plan to take pictures along the way and if I end up with something magazine-worthy, I’ll share the journey!

So, back to coloring. I haven’t had tons of time to do much coloring the last couple of months, or drawing for that matter, other than drawing designs for jewelry. I decided yesterday that needed to change. Instead of drawing it by hand, I decided to do it completely on the computer. I started with a rose wreath image I had gotten from Creative Market. (FYI – It’s a freebie this week!) I then used it as a rough guide to “trace” (loosely) in Adobe Illustrator. I added some more hearts and then added the phrases.

I colored the final image in Corel PaintShop Pro. (I have Adobe Photoshop now, but I have been a PSP user for nearly 20 years now and I’m just more used to it. If you are looking for a much cheaper alternative to Photoshop, give PSP a try.) I started by doing solid fills of color with the paint bucket, and then used a soft brush in Darken mode with a medium gray color to add shading. While it looked nice with the solid colors, the shading really made it all pop! I wish I had added the shading on a separate layer so I could show the difference!

Love is all we need heart rose wreath coloring page - colored

Did you know there are two dozen roses in the wreath? This includes rosebuds. Can you find them all?

Images are 8.5″x11″ and framed with a border that is 8″x10″. Turn off any resizing/scaling and print at 100% for best results.

As usual, these pages are provided for your personal use only. No re-posting the uncolored images on a blog or on Facebook, no selling (colored or uncolored), and no using in a project to be sold. But feel free to share this post and pin on Pinterest, and share your colored versions on Facebook. Just make sure to link back to this post (not the PDFs directly). And leave my name on the images so I get credit! The more links back to my blog help with the advertising dollars (in my sidebar), which help fund this blog so I can provide more freebies!

Click on the images below to view/download the PDFs (full size page without watermarks).

Love is all we need wreath of roses heart coloring page for Valentine's Day

LOVE wreath of roses heart coloring page for Valentine's Day

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