Simple Symmetry, Volume 1 Mandalas & More

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3D-book cover for Mandalas and More

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Symmetry is all around us. You find it in your home, in nature, in science, in life. It can have a very calming effect on us, easing our minds, telling us that everything is in its place; everything is where it should be.

Coloring symmetrical patterns, especially the circular designs of mandalas, can help you focus and release stress. As you color, you tune out the chaos of life and find relaxation and peace in the simple act of putting color to paper.

Mandalas & More is the first adult coloring book in the series Simple Symmetry, containing 42 beautifully illustrated single-sided pages to color. There are 32 unique designs, plus 10 bonus pages with a selection of the designs on a black background for a completely different effect. The designs vary in difficulty, so there is something for all skill levels.

Look Inside

Electronic download available!

Can’t wait for the book? Want to be able to print pages on your own paper choice? The full book is available as a PDF instant download on Etsy!


Also, check out the sampler packs, with a smaller selection of the designs from the book!

Find Inspiration

Done with the book and looking for more to color?

Check out Cynthia’s blog for blog posts with free coloring pages and other useful coloring-related posts.

Coloring Extras

  • While these pages are single-sided, they can still bleed through if you use a wet marker. At the back of the book, you’ll find a few extra pages which you can cut or tear out to use between pages as you color.
  • Not sure how that coloring is going to look or if that color combination is going to work? Use these pages at the back for testing your colors as well.
  • Don’t really like coloring in a book? Cut the pages out using a craft or utility knife. The margins are plenty wide so you won’t have to worry about losing any of the design!
  • This books is 8.5”x11”, and all of the designs are sized to fit in an 8”x10” area ­— perfect for framing!
  • Like the black background pages but don’t think colored pencils or markers will show up enough? Try gel pens! They come in vibrant colors and sit on top of the paper instead of bleeding into it. They even come in glitter colors to really add some sparkle!
  • You can also get really vivid colors with highlighters! In addition to the classic neon yellow, you can get highlighters in neon shades of pink, orange, green, blue, and purple.

About the Author

Cynthia has always had a passion for drawing. Her original plan was to become a graphic designer, but she ended up with a degree in computer science instead. After nearly 2 decades doing software design and development, she decided to switch gears and get back in touch with her creative roots. She left the corporate world and began a new career doing web site design and development.

When her daughter was born, she had less time for consulting but more time for exploring arts and crafts with her daughter. When school time came, Cynthia decided to start a blog to share some of the projects they’d done, plus articles on gardening, sewing, DIY, and more.

One of her blog articles was about coloring, and soon after she created her first coloring page, which led to selling individual designs on Etsy, and now her first published coloring book.

When she isn’t drawing, she writes for her blog, does the occasional freelance consulting job, and she also helps her partner run his IT consulting business. In her little spare time, she loves gardening, sewing, and… coloring!