So, you want to know a little bit about me, huh?

I did lots of arts & crafts with my mom and siblings when I was young… and then I grew up. I even went into college planning for a graphic design career, but came out with a degree in computer science (that’s a story for another day). For 17 years I worked long hours in front of a computer designing software. I had a very lucrative career, but it was getting very tedious and definitely not using my artistic side. The only time I got to be creative was when choosing fonts for technical documents, or for Halloween, making some fun props and party invitations.

I left the corporate world about 14 years ago, burned out and needing a change (okay, being laid off gave me a little nudge). I guess I had one of those mid-life crisis, life-is-too-short epiphanies, because I went all out with the changes. I got a divorce, reconnected with Laz (an old flame), moved from Massachusetts, where I’d lived all my life, out to the Chicago area, and began to dabble in web site design. I was trying to get my creative vibe back, but it wasn’t easy! I was 40… was I too old for this? Then my daughter Em came along unexpectedly and my world completely changed in so many ways! I’ve got my creative vibe back and have someone to share it with! I’m sure this is how my mom felt about me when doing crafts with me when I was young!

I do a little bit of freelance work now and then (web site design, development & maintenance and custom application programming & integrations). I’m also the unofficial office manager, CFO, and marketing VP for Laz’s IT consulting business, Geekz, Inc. When I’m not working on the business or blog, Em and I are usually either doing arts and crafts, sewing, cooking, or gardening. Em also reintroduced me to the world of coloring, and I am now creating my own coloring pages and books for grown ups. I’ve also started dabbling in jewelry-making and am starting a side business for that venture.

So, you ask, what is this blog all about and why did I start it? I created this blog to have a place to share the many projects we do around here. Some ideas I’ve found online (I LOVE Pinterest!) and some I’ve come up with. I’ll share fun projects to do with kids (or without), sewing projects, recipes, home DIY projects, tips, gardening, and, well, whatever comes my way I think you’d like to hear about! My mind is racing with ideas!

As for the “style” of projects I’ll share… well, I should let you know my decor is pretty minimalist. If it needs dusting or takes up any of my limited space, I don’t want it. No tchotchkes for me. I’m not into shabby chic or country. And I don’t do cute (usually). Most projects you find for kids, and a lot of adult ones too, are fun to do, but then what do you do with the final result? On this blog I will try to focus on kids projects that can actually be useful as is, or transformed into something useful, like a painting becoming a background for a card. There are lots of projects even toddlers can do, whether it’s a collage, a book or card, a picture frame, a piece of jewelry, hair accessory, ornament, clothing, or something for the kitchen or garden. You’d be surprised by what kids can do if you give them a chance! They can even create an abstract piece of art worthy of a fine art gallery! No macaroni necklaces or paper plate masks here, folks! You also won’t find gorgeous room makeovers, or pictures of perfectly organized closets or craft spaces. While I may wish that was me, it’s not and never will be. My project photos will be taken strategically to avoid showing the stacks of papers, piles of laundry, and layers of dust.

My income is not what it used to be, so money is tight. So I try to stick to projects that reuse and recycle, use what we may have lying around or can find easily and cheaply. We are thrifty around here and also want to help our planet! We find craft and DIY materials at yard sales, thrift stores, and even occasionally on the side of the road on trash day. I’m not above stopping to rescue a table or cabinet or pieces of pipes, scraps of wood… I get creative thinking of what I could do with some of this stuff. It’s amazing what people toss!

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