Closet Full of Clothes You Never Wear? Donate, Toss, or… Refashion! or Why I Can Wear My Green Shirt Again!

Refashion Your Old Clothes So You'll Wear Them!

It’s hard to part with some clothes. But if you aren’t wearing them, why do you keep them? Now is the time to weed out that closet and decide whether to sell or donate, throw out or use for rags, or… how about refashion? You can give your clothes a makeover so you will wear them! » Read more...

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welcome mat

This is my first post. It’s taken me a while to get this blog going, but it has finally happened! I’m starting this blog as an outlet for all of my creative, crazy ideas, and to share things I’ve found useful that others have written. I thought at first I’d have a more targeted niche than the “mommy” crowd, but when I started … » Read more…