Zentangle Horse Coloring Page for Adults, plus bonus plain horse to color or Zentangle yourself!Adult Coloring Pages: Zentangle Horse Coloring Page and Bonus Simple Horse Coloring Page to color or Zentangle yourself!

Coloring Pages for Adults: Zentangle Horse or Easy HorseYet Another Coloring Page – Horse Zentangle, plus bonus plain one if you’d rather keep it simple… or Zentangle it yourself!

Ok, I just can’t stop creating coloring pages right now! I’m on a few Facebook coloring groups where I’ve posted my work and I’ve been getting great feedback, so I’ve just kept going. I hope to have some of the other members’ colored samples of my pages to share soon.

Today’s free coloring page is a horse. I’ve never been able to draw animals well, and that includes horses. I think my 6-year-old draws animals better than I do. Well, a couple of weeks ago, Em and I were shopping at Michael’s to look for specific colors of pencils and a blending pen. While I was searching every cubby of the Prismacolor pens section (because the blending pen section was empty but I was praying I’d find one misplaced), Em got bored and found the how-to-draw books on the other side of the isle. She picked several books she wanted, but I told her she could have just one. She had it narrowed down to two. One was a fashion book, which I was sure she would choose. But instead she chose Learn to Draw Horses & Ponies.

When we got home, we both sat down to try to follow the steps for drawing one of the horses. Neither of us were very happy with the results. But later that evening, I tried again. This time I decided not to try the whole body, but just the head.  I had several missteps, but by the end of the night, I had the outline of a horse that was pretty acceptable! I had mangled the paper pretty well from all the erasing, so even after going over the pencil lines with ink, I wasn’t too happy with the quality. I scanned the image and then proceeded to trace over all of my lines to make a vector image. Then I was able to tweak the image even further.

I used a print out of this vector outline as a starting point for my Zentangling. I like doing this because I can do multiple versions from the same starting point, and if I start working on a pattern that I don’t like, I can erase that section without fear of erasing the basic shape of the figure. This was one image where I wasn’t sure when to stop. Do I just cover the horse with patterns and leave the background plain? Do I Zentangle the whole image? I asked one of my coloring groups, and they unanimously said to leave the background plain. One suggested maybe making a patterned border or frame. I like that idea a lot, so I may come back with another version later.

But for now, I’m going to give you a two-fer today. I’m providing free PDF downloads of both the plain, outlined version and the Zentangle version. The plain one could either be colored as is, or you could use it as a template to add your own patterns to. I’m kind of rushing to get this out, so I don’t have a colored example yet of the patterned one. My daughter colored the plain one. I liked her color choices. I also like how she added a sun and clouds and mountain in the background. Once I have a chance to color the patterned one (or someone in my group colors it), I’ll post it here.

Oh, one more thing… this page is dedicated to my niece, Rachel, and her horse Joe. They won the championship at their last show, her first time as an amateur rider. And even better was that they beat the “unbeatable” horse who usually wins! Woot woot! Go Rachel and Joe! Rachel is also an excellent artist. She could probably draw a much better horse than me… maybe I’ll get her to do a drawing for us here.

These images are provided for your personal use only. If you would like to share them online, please use one of the watermarked images and link back to this article (NOT directly to the PDF download, please). Always leave all copyright and identification notices intact. Why? Because the more visitors I have to this site, the more I can earn for advertising and sponsors, to enable me to provide content like this. If I don’t get the traffic, I can’t afford to keep giving you these freebies!

Note that the watermark doesn’t appear in the downloaded image.

Okay, here’s the tangled horse PDF file for download: Download

And here’s the plain horse PDF file for download: Download

Plain Horse Coloring PageZentangle Horse Coloring Page

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