Upcycle a Huggies baby wipes container into an organizer for balls of yarn, spools of ribbon, or twine. #reuse #recycle #thriftyUpcycle a Huggies baby wipes container into an organizer for balls of yarn, spools of ribbon, or twine. #reuse #recycle #thriftyUpcycle a Huggies baby wipes container into an organizer for balls of yarn, spools of ribbon, or twine. #reuse #recycle #thrifty

Tired of those balls of yarn rolling across the floor or the spools of ribbon getting away? Get organized and recycle at the same time by using a baby wipes container! Read on to see which one works best, because not all containers are the same.

Got a quick one for you today.

If you are reading this MOMMY blog, then you are probably a mommy or grammy or will be one of them soon. If you have/had a baby around, then you likely have a case of baby wipes in your stash, and double that stash in baby wipe containers. I mean, how can you throw them out? They seem so utilitarian, they must have some kind of reusable afterlife.

Huggies Baby Wipes Containers

We’ve been using these containers for craft supplies (crayons, stamps, gems) and office supplies (paper clips, binder clips, elastics (aka rubber bands – hubby is always teasing me for calling them elastics)), makeup supplies, and “miscellaneous collections” (of screws & nails, of parts & pieces of toys, games, and puzzles that belong to something somewhere so we don’t want to throw them out, etc.). But after a while, we were looking for new uses.

Today I have a good one. If you knit or crochet or just craft with yarn, then you have balls of yarn rolling around all the time. Voila! The Huggies container works best, because it has that zig-zaggy rubbery opening, which is perfect for holding multiple strands of yarn in place.

Huggies Wipes Container

These are Em’s balls of yarn that she likes to use for crafting, or making belts for dolls (she cuts a square of fabric and ties it with a piece of yarn and you get an instant dress for Barbie).

Baby wipes organizer for balls of yarn

The rubbery opening of the Huggies containers keeps the ends of the yarn from slipping back inside the container.

Huggies baby wipes container yarn organizer

It also works well for ribbon, if it is narrow enough that it won’t get hung up in the zig-zaggy top. I have one with some of my skinny fabric ribbon trim that I use when making doll clothes. I just put the spools onto a pencil to help keep them organized inside.

Baby wipes ribbon organizer

Huggies wipes ribbon organizer

I just love having the ribbons organized like this! Otherwise I’d either be using tape, which gets messy, or pins, which then I lose when I go to use the ribbon. I pulled the ribbons out a bit more than usual for the picture, but usually I leave maybe 2 inches at most pulled out. That is enough that it doesn’t fall back in but not too much that the lid won’t close. Maybe one of these days I’ll decorate the box, or at least label it!

It would also be great for that skinny curling ribbon for wrapping packages or tying to balloons. It would work equally well for twine.

Told you this would be short and sweet!


What do you do with your baby wipes containers? Leave a comment and let us know!